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    Banyan informatics provides a wide range of services in Biometrics as follows
    • Fingerprints,
    • Time attendance recorders,
    • Access control,
    • USB fingerprint scanners,
    • Door locks,
    • Handheld terminals,
    • Electronics Security systems,
    We design, develop, integrate and maintain complex mission vital security and monitoring systems.

    We provide business and technological knowledge in applications ranging from network security and transaction systems to access control and large-scale identification.

    Banyan informatics provides following technologies :
    • Fingerprint Recognition
    • Face Recognition
    • Iris Recognition
    • Voice Recognition
    Fingerprint Recognition
    is one of the most used and familiar biometric methods. Fingerprint Recognition Technology or Fingerprint Authentication is a technique of verifying a match between two human fingerprints. Fingerprint Recognition Technology has many security application in real world like it can be used in -
    • Network/PC Login Security
    • Web Page Security
    • Employee Recognition Systems
    • Time and Attendance Systems
    Face Recognition
    is a biometric technique for automatic identification or verification of a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

    Iris Recognition
    is another biometric authentication method that uses pattern recognition techniques based on high-resolution images of the irides of an individual's eyes.. Iris recognition technology has become popular in security applications because of its ease of use, accuracy, and safety.

    Voice Recognition
    or Speaker Recognition is a biometric process of of validating a user's claimed identity using characteristics extracted from their voices. Thus voice recognition can be an effective technique in user authentication and identification.

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