• IP Camera Installation

    IP Camera Installation services are done our reputed firm which is connected to IP network using an Ethernet connection. IP cameras and video servers are built in with the help of web servers that transmit directly from camera to internet with the help of a web browser such as google chrome and internet explorer. It’s not necessary to provide DVR or video capture, if you use IP Camera. Our IP camera servers turns any CCTV camera into IP based network camera which has an Ethernet output.

    IP Camera is known to be the advanced security camera that has the reliable security features. With the help of IP camera remote access. It’s possible to monitor the station completely at one end under surveillance. Our IP camera has high picture resolution images that have new range of IP camera with high quality definition and recording capabilities. Our IP camera is accessed from any laptops, pads and mobile phones.

    Major Features of IP Camera
    • High-speed Panning & Tilting
    • High Optical Resolution
    • Video Compression
    • Auto-Tracking
    • Vari-focal Lenses
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